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Interdisciplinary composition

As a child, I had plans to become an architect and spent my free time drawing up amateur blueprints and sketches of houses, skyscrapers, and museums.  What interested me most was the idea of architecture as functional art, interconnected to other forms of expression.  While the theatre led me to another career path, I find myself taking the same approach to directing.

I draw inspiration from visual art and music, and tactile elements from nature.  While I'm no longer drawing up blueprints, I still find myself stockpiling photographs, creating sketches, and searching for music for inspiration when working on a script.  


When acting, my favorite directors have always been ones who "create a sandbox", so to speak:  Create a world, give me the confidence to build something in it, and be open to change and adaptation.  This philosophy speaks to my approach with actors and my design team.  


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